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Best MIDI Keyboards for FL Studio

18 July , 2019

Luchshiye MIDI klaviatury dlya FL Studio

Image-Line FL Studio was originally released in 1998 as a 4-channel MIDI drum app called “Fruityloops”. In 2003, this software was renamed “FL Studio” and now is a full-featured DAW, popular among the creators of hip-hop and other musical styles. To get the most out of this software, you will need a comfortable hardware controller that allows you to control all the available handles. Which to choose? here is our selection of midi keyboards for FL Studio. You can get acquainted with the technical characteristics of each model on the official websites of manufacturers.

Nektar Impact LX+

Nektar Impact LX+Nektar’s Impact LX + Series is the smart choice to integrate with FL Studio thanks to smart mapping features that give you practical control over your project. With it, you can navigate between tracks and control transportation without touching the computer mouse. You will also get tactile control over virtual instruments, plugins, FX, and more. Great keys, wheels and controls will surely reveal your creativity. Need something portable and affordable? Take the LX25 +. Need a big controller for the studio? Take a closer look at the LX61 + / LX49 +. Price: from $ 160 (from the window you can find cheaper).

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Nektar Panorama

Nektar Panorama P4 MIDI KEYIf you’re a producer looking for a studio controller with deep integration into FL Studio, the Nektar Panorama T-Series will be a great choice and take it to the next level with unprecedented control over plugins, a mixer, and controls. It contains all of the above and even more. It features motorized faders that easily connect to the desired channel. The Panorama T Series boasts sturdiness, speed and key sensitivity. Price: from 350 $.

Akai Professional MPK2 Series

Akai MPK 249The Akai MPK2 series offers a powerful way to control FL Studio with MPC-style aftertouch keys and RGB backlighting. Electronic musicians will appreciate the true functionality of these controllers. The midi keyboard boasts an arpeggiator that will accelerate the creation of complex melodic solutions with adjustable resolution, range and patterns. You will also get comprehensive control of the sends and parameters, such as pitch, modulation, and octave. If you’re an MPC fan, the MPK2 series has been designed specifically for you. The Akai MPK2 series consists of MPK225, MPK249 and MPK261, providing an excellent solution for mobile artists and studio engineers. Price: from $ 250.

Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII

Akai Professional MPK Mini MKIIWant powerful MPC-based functionality in an ultraportable package? If so, then the MPK Mini MKII deserves your attention. Despite the fact that the controller is small enough, with the ability to be powered from a USB bus, it is a phenomenal universal solution for interacting and managing FL Studio, virtual tools, plug-ins, and much more. You get 25 speed-sensitive synthesizer mini-keys, Octave Up / Down buttons, an ergonomic four-way joystick for working with tone and mod, as well as eight highlighted MPC-style speed-sensitive pads. The functionality of MPC Note Repeat and Full Level, as well as eight assignable Q-Link knobs and an integrated arpeggiator complement the robust MPK Mini MKII features. The keyboard is available in three colors. Price: $ 100.

Novation Launchkey Series

Another popular Midi keyboard for FL Studio users is the Novation Launchkey series. No matter what size you choose, these controllers boast ergonomics. Just connect it to the computer and all the elements will be adjusted to the running DAW FL Studio. If you need a portable solution or something that can be put on your desktop, this series is right for you – it includes Launchkey 25, Launchkey 49 and Launchkey 61. Price: from $ 139.

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Alesis VI Series

Alesis VI SeriesEquipped with an impressive array of backlit cushions, assignable handles and flexible buttons, the Alesis VI Series is the perfect way to control FL Studio. Speed-sensitive, semi-weighted keys with aftertouch and Octave Up / Down buttons expand these controllers to the full melodic range, allowing you to play an endless variety of bass lines, chords and melodies. This series of keyboards has a full range of capabilities – from a portable travel device to a desktop computer. No matter which model you choose – VI25, VI49 or VI61 – you are guaranteed to get a quality musical experience. Price: $ 179.

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