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5 plugins to make your vocals brilliant!

20 October , 2016

5 plaginov kotoryye sdelayut Vash vokal blestyashchim

Making vocals perfect is difficult, but there are plugins to help you get a more transparent and balanced sound. We selected the 5 best ones for clarification and correction of vocals.

5 plugins to make your vocals brilliant!

1. iZotope Nectar 2

iZotope Nectar 2Nectar 2 is a vocal processing station with built-in presets and a convenient audio interface. In addition to classical instruments, such as de-essing, gate, compressor and equalizer, which form the main vocal processing, it can also mix reverb, saturation, delay and much more.

Web site: Nectar 2

2. Revoice Pro

Revoice ProAlmost all leading producers use Revoice Pro to quickly and accurately adjust pitch, duration and balance of voice and instruments. This plugin includes many features that are simply indispensable for mixing both solo parts and backing vocals.

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Web site: Revoice Pro

3. Celemony Melodyne

MelodyneCelemony was one of the first companies to create a track editing program in a flexible way that works well for vocals and live instruments. This is perhaps the most comprehensive tool ever created for editing. Naturally, this program does not work miracles, and as before, it is important for the vocalists to sing as well as possible in order to fix it painlessly.

Web site: Melodyne 4

4. Waves Vocal

Waves Vocal

This is not a plugin, but a bundle that Waves often provides at a discount. This kit includes cool plugins for processing vocals, such as: DeBreath, Doubler, Renaissance Axx, Renaissance Channel, Renaissance DeEsser and Waves Tune. There is everything in order to edit the notes in height, remove the whistles and saturate properly.

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If you want to process vocals professionally, this plugin package will meet all your expectations.

Web site: Waves Vocal

5. iZotope RX5 Audio Editor

iZotope RX5 Audio EditorAnother plugin from Izotope to highlight. This time it is a highly specialized audio editor for cleaning and improving recording. Using graphical tools, you can identify a problem area and eliminate it as harmlessly as possible. It could be an explosive sound, a car signal in the background, or something else that is difficult to remove using standard methods. Here you can suppress “internal” sounds and unpleasant artifacts. This plugin is suitable for those who are involved in the processing of recorded materials, such as seminars, video reviews and TV shows.

Web site: iZotope RX5 Audio Editor

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