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Top 10 UAD Plugins by Ian Vargo

2 November , 2016

Top 10 UAD plaginov ot Ian Vargo (Los Angeles)

Greetings, colleagues! I have selected the best, in my opinion, plugins from the company Universal Audio. Naturally, not everyone will agree with me, but this selection has worked well. There were few analogs (in quality) among vst plugins, so keep a list of the best.

Studer A800 UAD UA Universal Audio1. Studer A800

If I had to choose only one plugin from UAD, then I would choose this one. This is a reliable support for all my drum mixes. It can really enrich the master bus and give it a lamp shade.

There are so many parameters of this plugin, such as equalizer, compressor, saturator.

There is also a similar plugin from Slate Digital’s “Virtual Tape Machines”, but I still prefer the Studer A800.

2. Neve 33609 Compressor/Limiter

Neve 33609 Compressor Limiter UAD UA Universal AudioThis is a compressor that models the classic and legendary hardware Neve. It is great for drums, bass and master bus. If you want to “glue” several tracks, add warmth and still not kill the dynamic range – this is definitely a sure choice.

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3. Neve 1073

Depth, clarity, distortion, saturation – for these purposes, the Neve 1073 equalizer is ideal. This plug-in allows you to achieve incredible results. He also works softly and smoothly with vocals.

Nowadays, many developers have tried to transfer the sound of the iron Neve to the vst platform. Unfortunately (or fortunately), only UAD achieved that sound.

4. Manley Massive Passive

Manley Massive Passive UAD UA Universal AudioThe original unit of equipment is one of the most widely used equalizers in mixing music. You should definitely try this plugin and make sure that it is loved for good reason. It is important to note that Manley officially approved the plug-in from UAD, as the most accurately repeating the characteristics and sound of the original iron.

5. Harrison 32C

Harrison 32C UAD UA Universal AudioAnother intuitive and easy to use equalizer. It is an emulation of the Harrison analogue console. It is famous for its softness and delicacy of work.

6. LA-2A Collection

LA-2A Collection UAD UA Universal AudioDespite the fact that this compressor has few control knobs, it is an emulation of the classic La-2a hardware compressor, which engineers like to use on vocals due to its soft work and coloring character. It has its own unique tonal characteristics. Experiment with different versions to achieve the desired shade and density.

7. Ampex ATR-102

Ampex ATR-102 UAD UA Universal Audio

This tape emulation plugin is perhaps even more versatile than the Studer A800, given that it has built-in delay and additional features. To get heat in the midrange I will use the A800.

For brightness and brilliance – I will choose Ampex ATR-102.

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8. dbx 160

dbx 160 compressor limiter uad ua Universal AudioGood emulation of a compact compressor with character. If you want to achieve a pleasant “punch”, then this tool is for you! It works quite aggressively and perfectly shows itself on percussion instruments.

9. Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor UAD UA Universal Audio

The first acquaintance with this plugin can be puzzling, especially if you are not familiar with the original hardware device.

This mastering compressor perfectly mixes the mix and gives it a holistic sound.

10. EMT 140

UAD UA Universal Audio EMT 140Another emulation of a classic reverb. This is one of the few plugins that gives the “feel” of iron hardware and fully justifies the money invested in it.

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