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Free LANDR Mastering

8 November , 2016

Besplatnyy LANDR mastering

Many say that automatic, software mastering is the future of audio production. Now there are several services that allow you to process material both on a free basis and with a monthly subscription.

Most famous of them – LANDR.

The developers convince that he most accurately processes the material at three levels. But if you look from the outside – this is a certain processing algorithm that relies on the specified analyzers and functions for fitting already reduced material to some balanced and frequency sound. You can get a high-quality result with the help of this service, but for this there must be the cleanest and highest-quality mixing of the track. If mixing the track “amateur” – all the flaws and errors will become too noticeable to the listener.

At the moment there are many comparisons of professional mastering and LANDR mastering, and all of them are subjective, confusing, just like the myth of acoustic warming, which popular equipment manufacturers such as Sennheiser, Sony, Behringer say “did not hear” and They confidently claim that their products work “to the full” from the very first seconds.

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We do not argue, LANDR is a service that makes it possible to feel, try and analyze your material for its further correction. Unfortunately, there is only one opportunity to do free mastering. All further contacts with the service will cost you $ 4 per month or the Pro option – $ 29 per month ($ 300 per year).

In fact, automatic mastering is a general comparison of dynamics, frequencies, level and fitting these parameters to some automatically selected references. In comparison of bloggers and sound engineers, the service does not work well or does not work at all with a stereo panorama and problematic conflicting frequencies. Therefore, in order to achieve a good result, you need to reduce the track perfectly.

But then the question arises: why do you need such mastering if you are doing high-quality mixing? And is it possible to promote and sell the track after this service?

These are all very controversial issues. It seems to us that the services of an experienced mastering engineer will be indispensable in audio processing for decades. And, it is important to note that you can’t make corrections and improvements to the little things on this service. Order mastering at more affordable prices in AREFYEV Studio!

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