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The best presets and extensions for the ReFX Nexus synthesizer – for free!

3 May , 2021

ReFX Nexus

We have selected for you over 3000 presets and extensions for one of the most popular synthesizers – ReFX Nexus! In it you will find not only juicy deep bass, but also cutting sawtooth synths, various types of pianos, samples, beats, as well as orchestral sounds that are relevant today. All this can be downloaded for free!


  • LondonOnDaTracks NexusXP (includes many different instruments and sound effects packed in a beginner-friendly interface);
  • NiceKeys NexusExpansion (The free Nexus add-on released by the LosCJ brand is a variety of piano presets. 34 piano options let you unleash the finest melodies. Nice keys are one of the most important elements of most tracks.);
  • SummerDeep Chill Nexus3Expansion (Released by sound mogul REFX, this expansion pack is perfect for anyone who loves creating electronic dance music. It has 130 presets. Expansion library includes a versatile set of solo instruments, drums, harps and more);
  • TrapMoney – NexusExpansion & DrumKit (RayBeatz 808 Expansion Pack is a powerful combination of drum presets. Fill your song with 25 different hi-hats, snares and claps, 808 drums, and approximately 75 exclusive presets);
  • Ultimate R&B NexusExpansionPack (contains about 40 user presets, all of which are of exceptionally high quality. It has all the instrumental presets you need to create an R&B atmosphere, from synths, bass and percussion to bells and guitars.);

  • TheProducerPlug REFXNexusXP (lets you create awesome beats for R&B, Hip Hop and Trap Beats. This easy-to-use expansion pack contains a variety of high-performance presets with synths, solos, bass and awesome samples);
  • HolyTrap MaryNexusExpansion (There are 193 presets in this Nexus expansion with a variety of brass, strings, keys, bass and arpeggiators (just to name a few). The extension is compatible with the Nexus 2 and is the perfect kit for creating exciting beats);
  • WrecksNexus TrapExpansions (Contains about 131 instrumental presets. Suitable for hip-hop and trap, which will definitely satisfy the senses of many modern music producers);
  • Cold x Beats Nexus Expansion (this is your ideal expansion pack with up to 500 different presets. From instrumental presets to choral, orchestral, sound effects and voice presets);
  • NexusTrap UltimateExpansion (about 100 presets. Lots of western and eastern instrumental sounds to add a unique element to your mixes);
  • REFXNexus PresetExpansion (looking for trance, psycho-trance, hardcore or electronic sounding, this expansion kit has everything you need!).

— See also: Softube presented by Empirical Labs Mike-E Comp, Lil-FrEQ and Trak Pak —


  • NexusUKDrill Presets (If you are looking for UK instrumental samples, then the Nexus UK Drill Presets are the best option. This set includes flutes, pads, and piano samples that can give your composition the dark tone you want.);
  • YoungChop NexusPresets (this set of presets will allow you to create beats in the style of Hard Trap, Hip Hop and Trap Soul);
  • BigOrchestra FreePresetPack (includes 30 orchestral sound patches. Customized sound samples ideal for trap and techno compositions);
  • MetroBoomin DrumKit (Get a powerful drum kit, signature 808 kick drums from music producer Metro Boomin);
  • Nexus 6SFX SamplePack (sample pack with drum machine and cinematic sounds. 26 drum presets – from explosive percussion and drums to powerful pads);
  • Warm808 BassSamples (24-bit library of bass samples in excellent quality. Over 500 bass sounds in wav format).
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