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Softube presented by Empirical Labs Mike-E Comp, Lil-FrEQ and Trak Pak

27 February , 2021

Hardware and software company Softube publishes emulations of well-known processors in collaboration with Empirical Labs. They are mainly used in professional recording studios for audio mixing and mastering. The offer includes a Mike-E compressor and a Lil-FrEQ equalizer. Console 1 users receive a complete set of hardware to integrate both processors into the Console 1 channel line.

You can now integrate Empirical Labs Mike-E Comp and Lil-FrEQ as a plugin into your DAW. Softube is expanding its range with these two exciting mixing and mastering processors. Plus, with Trak Pak for Console 1, they provide a complete package with legendary Empirical Labs sound. The Mike-E Comp is no ordinary compressor. Here you get a crisp preamp with crisp distortion, multi-stage soft clipper and saturator, and the well-known Distressor Comp in one plug-in. Of course, the unique character of the sound of this vintage analog recorder is mesmerizing thanks to the coloration of the sound.

Lil-FrEQ is the equivalent of Mike-E’s equalizer, at least in terms of character and color. Sound shaping is very important here. Since the audio signal goes through eight different sections, you can edit it. And not just with the usual EQ functions. You also get a de-esser who takes care of the sibilants.

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If you have Console 1, you can now integrate the compressor and EQ into the channel strip and thus ideally use and control ELI sound remotely from your equipment. High and low pass filter, compressor, de-esser, Lil-FrEQ parametric equalizer, compressor and ELI saturation in the drive area.

The Softube Mike-E Comp, Lil-FrEQ and Trak Pak for Console1 are currently available on the manufacturer’s website at a special price of € 199. The complete set now costs 349 euros. Plugins work on Mac OSX 10.12 (or higher) and Windows 7 (or higher) as VST3, AAX, AU and VST in 64-bit version.

More details on the official website: Softube.

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