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Waves Audio introduced a new plugin called Vocal Bender

27 February , 2021

Hardware and software company Waves Audio has unveiled Vocal Bender, a new vocal processing plug-in. It allows you to control pitch and formant in real time. Today, it is a popular and widely used effect in some musical styles.

Waves Audio has released an apparently simple effects plug-in found in many other manufacturers. In terms of functionality, it fully fulfills the task with a bright, pretty design in the style characteristic of this product developer. Apart from the classic parameters, there is also an interesting “Flatten” button. It is a kind of “auto-pitch” with a robotic touch. But the fun starts only at the bottom of the GUI. Because here you will find a modulation section with an LFO and a step sequencer.

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The Vocal Bender is currently available at a special price of $ 59. If you want to save even more, all you have to do is enter coupon code “CREATE40” into your cart and the price will be automatically reduced to $ 34.99.

More on the website: Waves Audio.

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