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ESI eXtra 10 headphones simulate the environment and acoustics of a professional recording studio

20 January , 2021

dSONIQ Realphones ESI Edition simulates the sound of a recording studio, transforming the eXtra 10 headphones into versatile headphones.

From now on, everyone who owns or buys ESI eXtra 10 headphones will receive a license for the dSONIQ Realphones ESI Edition. The technology simulates the volume, environment, acoustics, character and frequency subtleties of a quality control room. The user will be able to work in a neutral, linear sound, which is extremely important when performing mixing and music mastering. HRTF-based binaural virtual positioning makes the mix sound like it is played on professional equipment.

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Anyone who buys or already owns ESI eXtra 10 headphones can get their software for free from the manufacturer’s website. The same goes for the U22 XT cosMik Set, a universal kit that also includes eXtra 10 headphones in addition to a microphone and USB audio interface.

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