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Spotify can now promote music but receive fewer royalties

11 November , 2020

Spotify has announced a new system for promoting tracks in recommendations. Despite the obvious benefits for some performers, the system already has two important features. First, the authors will receive less royalties for streaming such songs. Secondly, the recommendation system, which is considered to be a strong point of this streaming, risks becoming a collection of ads, ceasing to reflect the tastes of users.

The new system is called Discovery Mode and is being tested in the United States. The advertised tracks are mixed into themed playlists and autoplay. As a form of payment, streaming cuts royalties for the duration of the promotion campaign. If Spotify finds the mode effective, it will expand to other countries.

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The official blog says: “If the listeners like the track, it will remain in the recommendations. If not, we will quickly remove it. ” Spotify believes that artists will gain nothing by gaining the opportunity to promote their product. In addition, according to Spotify, the user will not be rejected by the innovation either – having heard new music in the collection, he can independently return to the artist later. This will allow the performers to engage audiences in live auditions.

Recall that artists have long complained about the already small deductions from Spotify, which recently resulted in the new global movement Justice At Spotify (For justice in Spotify). Among the requirements: to end the practice of paid auditions on the platform and increase the average pay per audition.

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