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112dB introduced Mikron Chorus

28 May , 2020

Software maker 112dB introduced an emulation of the legendary Mikron Chorus effect.

This time, the effect is based on the legendary Roland Juno synthesizer choir and the Boss CE2 effects pedal. This is the sound that haunted us in the 1970-1980s! It can be heard in countless songs on instruments and vocal parts.

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It is this chorus that can now be reproduced and applied to your projects. The graphical interface is made in the familiar style of the company with simple controls and a pleasant color balance. According to the manufacturer, the plugin requires very few processor resources.

Until July 31, 2020, the plugin will cost only 26 euros (the usual cost is 35 euros). You can test Mikron Chorus for free by downloading it from the official website.: 112dB.

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