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Computer for a recording studio

23 January , 2018

What is the most important piece of equipment in your studio? Of course, you can highlight monitors, microphones, software, or even the room itself. But if we were to determine the beating heart of today’s studio, then it would be a computer. Let’s give up the choice of the operating system, and pay attention to the main characteristics.

1. RAM

At least 16GB of RAM is recommended. If you use many virtual tools and plug-ins, the load in the project will be large (all developed algorithms use RAM). To avoid “stuttering” and jumps in the sound, increase the number of RAM. The more RAM, the better.

2. Memory

Today’s virtual libraries will quickly fill up the hard drive. The minimum volume for comfortable work is 500GB (subject to a small amount of tool storage). The time has passed when the library for kontakt5 weighed up to 1GB and was available to everyone … As an addition, you can buy external hard drives that are easy to transport. The number of projects will quickly exhaust the available computer space, take care of this in advance.

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3. Monitor

You can work with a monitor of 17 inches, but you must agree that it is convenient to split the project by spreading the mixer into one, and editing into the second (if you have two monitors). Choose based on your convenience. This is a purely individual matter, also affecting the vision of an engineer.

4. Connectivity

In a recording studio, a large number of channels are vital for connecting sound cards, controllers, displays, external drives, headphones, a mouse, a keyboard, and so on. USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt are crucial (recently, manufacturers of audio devices have resorted to this connection, which allows you to quickly transfer information between devices). Make sure that the selected computer supports, or can be adapted to other equipment.

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5. CPU speed

The processor, as well as RAM – affect performance. Due to the fact that modern DAWs require good speed, choose the appropriate processor. If you do not understand the technique, contact a consultant, describing in detail the type of activity and the nature of the tasks. A weak processor will affect the speed of saving the project and the performance of the entire computer, therefore this is an important element.

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