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Waves – H-Comp (free)

26 November , 2018


Only on this cyber Monday, Waves Audio is giving away the H-Comp hybrid compressor for free!

H-Comp is a hybrid compressor effect available in the VST, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. The plugin combines the non-linear behavior of transformers, tubes and transistors in a single dynamic tool. In addition to its main compressor function, -Comp can be used as a saturation effect for tone formation and adding color to the processed signal.

The user interface is centered around a large VU meter with input, output and gain monitoring capabilities. The compression algorithm is controlled using classic handles that are common to all plugins of this type. One of the unique features of the H-Comp is its ability to synchronize the release time parameter with the BPM value of the host application. This is especially useful in electronic music, where the relationship between the kick and the bass is important.

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Typically, the H-Comp costs $ 179 and is currently sold for $ 35 on the Waves Audio website. However, you can get it completely free by subscribing to the page indicated below. The download link will be sent within an hour after registration. You can get an additional $ 29 plugin when you purchase two or more products from Waves Audio.

Additional Information: Waves H-Comp (FREE on this Cyber Monday!)

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