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Steven Slate Drums – SSD5 (kostenloser Satz Schlagzeugklänge)

28 November , 2018


Steven Slate Drums has announced the release of SSD5 FREE, a free version of its flagship drums software with SSD5 plugin formats VST, AU and AAX for compatible DAW applications.

Although SSD5 FREE is indeed a lightweight version of SSD5, it is a fully functional virtual tool. The main limitation compared to the full version of the software is the fact that SSD5 FREE comes with only one set of acoustic drums. However, it does not limit the end user in any other way, unlike most other competitors’ freely distributed products. It also does not require an iLok account, which is required to activate the full version of SSD5.

In terms of functionality, the free version is almost identical to the commercial one. It is equipped with the same mixer and drum settings, ADSR for each channel, a decent selection of pre-recorded drum grooves in four different styles (Jazz, Pop, RnB, Rock), fully customizable MIDI with a useful selection of presets, and a number of other performance adjustments for fine tuning. The user interface is intuitive and easy to get used to, partly due to the fact that SSD5 does not try to go beyond the available functions.

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To download a free copy of the tool, go to the product page below and scroll down to the SD5 FREE section. Click the “Try SSD5 Free Now” button and enter your credentials when prompted. Follow the instructions on this page to complete the installation process. After installation, the software does not need to be activated, and your computer does not require third-party software to use it. Keep in mind that only 64-bit digital DAW stations are supported.

Download for free on the Steven Slate Drums website.

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