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EDM Track Structure

16 June , 2016

Struktura EDM treka

There are many different genres in edm music. The House style itself can be divided into: Tropical House, Progressive, Melodic, Bigroom, etc. But the fact that many of these genres have in common is structure. It has approximately the following set: Intro, Breakdown 1, Build-up, Drop A, Breakdown 2, Build-up, Drop B. In this article we will analyze the structure of the EDM track in a little more detail.


In house style, usually the intro is a percussion part, percussion, and some melodic elements. Melodic elements should not reveal the melody at the very beginning. These are literally a few notes of any instrument. Intro sets the theme for the whole track. This part is usually underestimated.

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This should be the softer part of the track. This part introduces a minimal melody and sound design into the intro part. If your track will be played at a party, then this is the part where people are not very energetic, which is good. You save energy for drop.


Now comes the fun part. In the swing, you enter the whole melody, plus some of the layers from the dance part (drop). Here you build up energy. Each of these parties should force the listener to stand and trample the soles of the shoes. It is worth noting that many make a mistake, making this stage more energetic than the dance part of the track. Keep smooth transitions.

Tip: Add a high-pass filter to the master channel to enhance the dance part. This will create a stronger impression.

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Now the best part of the song: Drop. Here the layers depend on the author himself. In this section, the main melody is used, the most delicious and explosive, for which the listener was prepared. This part is entirely up to you. Just make sure that this is the brightest and most memorable part of the track.

In the EDM genres you can copy and decompose the structure to your taste. But if you listen to all the music (including classical), the structure of the tracks is everywhere. You can also select and enter a new melody or chord sequence.

I hope the above basic concepts of structure have been useful to you. Feel free to add and share information with your friends!

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