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Sonible – pure:comp and pure:verb (two more AI plugins)

26 March , 2023


pure:comp is a compact audio compressor with which the dynamics of a track can be done instantly, while pure:verb allows you to create custom reverb effects for any input signal in an intuitive way. Pure:comp and pure:verb run the same technologies as Sonible’s smart series plug-ins, but these tools have been designed with a focus on making your workflow as seamless as possible. Together with pure:limit, pure:comp and pure:verb are available either in a new pure:bundle or as separate plugins.

pure:comp makes it much easier to dynamically process an instrumental or vocal track. Using clever algorithms, the complexity of the interacting compression options has been reduced to three controls: compression strength, style, and clarity. Combined with Sonible’s AI-based learning and automatic parameterization, users can expect pure:comp to deliver professional results – without artifacts or unwanted audio changes.

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pure:verb allows you to create custom reverb effects for any input signal and provides simple and intuitive control options for shaping their sound. The plugin analyzes the spectral characteristics of the input signal to calculate the appropriate reverb profile. Smart pure:verb algorithms automatically prevent the creation of reverb with booming bass, dull mids and sharp highs.

In addition to being available as standalone plugins, these tools are also available in a new package called “pure:bundle”. This package includes all three tools – pure:comp, pure:verb and pure:limit. They are designed to be used together to help professional sound engineers and musicians achieve the best possible sound in their recordings. It is important to note that the price of these tools is quite affordable, at only 49 euros for each plugin, or 99 euros for a pure:bundle. In addition, there is a special offer running until April 24, 2023 where pure:comp and pure:verb can be purchased for €35 each and pure:bundle for €69. Read more on the official website: Sonible.

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