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Stone Voices – Ambient Reverb [Free]

14 December , 2017


Stone Voices have released Ambient Reverb, a quality free reverb plugin.

Ambient Reverb is a simple and powerful reverb plugin, with the possibility of a long release (up to 100 seconds), which makes it ideal for modeling huge unrealistic spaces. It is also convenient to customize such spaces as cathedrals, stadiums and others. In addition, you get controls for early and late reflection, the size and width of the simulated reverb, the mix level of the dry and processed signal, and the two-band parametric equalizer.

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The most important feature of the plugin is its quality. Stone Voices have worked well on algorithms for a lush, rich, clear and natural sound. Factory presets cover some of the most useful settings. This is the fourth plugin released by Vasily Makarov, developer of Stone Voices.

You can download Ambient Reverb for free on the official website.

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