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Tracktion – T7 (free DAW program)

16 August , 2018

Tracktion Software Corporation has announced that their DAW T7 program is now available for free to everyone!

Undoubtedly their development strategy is a bit dubious. Two years ago, T5 entered the world, after half a year I switched to free access, released T6 last year, then made it free, after the DAW T7 release was presented, and again made it free. Why not produce open source software and implement regular updates?

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The Tracktion T7 is designed specifically for musicians and composers who need a powerful and easy-to-use recording platform. And this is true. Here you can find from shell changes (including system fonts) to adjusting each note. This is not a version of Lite, in which most functions are cut, so using it will not impede the creative process. Create an unlimited number of sound and MIDI tracks in combination with a professional set of instruments.

Download T7 and Waveform on the website Tracktion.

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