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How to export individual tracks in Pro Tools in 3 steps

8 August , 2019

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If you send your song to the studio for mixing and mastering and use DAW Pro Tools, you need to export and send separate tracks so that the sound engineer (or rather a mixing engineer) can load them into any program that is used in the work and immediately start to work.

How to do it quickly:

Step 1

In the session, select all the tracks from beginning to end (leaving a few seconds at the end, if spatial processing is used so that the tails of the reverb and delay are not cut off). You can do this by dragging the selection tool over all the tracks or simply by pressing CtrL + A on the keyboard.

Step 2

Go to the “Edit” menu and select Consolidate Clip. Important: all of them should be of the same duration, which will allow them to line up correctly when the engineer loads them into his DAW.

Step 3

Now the fun part. Press Ctrl + Shift + K on Windows and Apple + Shift + K on Mac to open the export dialog box. The most important thing is to install wav format and stereo. After you have done this, select where you want to save individual tracks. To do this, you can create a separate folder with the name of your project, and also prescribe the tone and tempo there, so that it is easier to get started. For example, if your track is called “Groovy”, you can name the folder Groovy 146 bpm major C, then click “Use current folder”.

After that just click “Export”.

The tracks in your song will be exported separately, which can take up to half an hour (depending on the size of the project, the processing speed of your processor and RAM).


You should always export tracks in WAV or Aiff format with any settings. For example, if a song is recorded in 24bit and 48kHz, export in the same format (i.e. wav 24bit / 48kHz). Now that you have a folder with tracks, you need to archive it (this will reduce the actual volume and simplify file transfer). You can do this with any available zip / rar archiver.

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