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Mäag Audio PREQ2: dual mic preamp with equalizer

1 April , 2022

Mäag Audio has unveiled the new PREQ2 Dual Mic Preamp, which includes an EQ and the well-known Air Band. The PREQ2 should not only be suitable for two separate mono signals, but also for processing in stereo. And since line signals are also processed here, each has two inputs, each dedicated to XLR connections. The outputs are also for XLR.

There are additional instrument jack inputs on the front panel that, when used, route the signal to the mic preamp via a relay, but automatically lower the impedance. This sounds very practical. You also don’t have to worry about activated phantom power. Pass Thru is another jack that outputs an “isolated” copy of the incoming signal, no matter which input it comes from.

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On the front panel, the preamp shows some nice features. All buttons are accompanied by colored LEDs, so you can always see what is currently activated and what is not. By the way, all rotary controls are fixed, with the exception of the stepless microphone gain control.

In addition to the button for switching between line and microphone signals, there is a phantom power button. You can also turn on the -20dB attenuation or increase the gain by 26dB. You get a total of 71 dB of gain, each provided by a class A transistor.

PREQ2 is available now for $2995. Read more on the official website: Mäag Audio.

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