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Antares showed a new dynamic equalizer for vocals Auto-Tune Vocal EQ

4 June , 2022

Antares Auto-Tune Vocal EQ

Antares has unveiled Auto-Tune Vocal EQ, a new effects plug-in exclusive to the Auto-Tune Unlimited subscription. A dynamic equalizer specifically designed for vocals must provide particularly accurate processing of audio material thanks to its built-in pitch detection.

At first glance, Auto-Tune Vocal EQ resembles many other modern VST equalizers. Most of the display is occupied by the analyzer and frequency curves for correction. High and low pass filters are available, which can work as bell and shelving filters.

A closer look reveals several features that set it apart from other equalizers. As a dynamic EQ, Vocal EQ offers a separate dynamic section for each band with threshold, range, attack and release options. This allows it to respond dynamically to the input signal level, providing a musically specific adjustment to the selected frequency. Most interestingly, VocalEQ includes the pitch detection algorithm that Antares is known for. There’s also a vocal learning feature that automatically detects the singer’s range, which should be a good starting point for editing.

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Antares Auto-Tune VocalEQ is available exclusively through an Auto-Tune Unlimited subscription. In addition to all current versions of the Auto-Tune software, an ever-growing collection of vocal effects is included. Anyone who has already subscribed to Auto-Tune Unlimited gets the plug-in for free.

You can get an annual subscription to Auto-Tune Unlimited for 179 euros on the company’s official website.

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