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Pulsar Audio w495: analog Neumann emulation for free!

18 September , 2023

Pulsar Audio w495

Pulsar Audio w495 EQ is a new emulation of the Neumann w495, the popular 500 series analog three-band equalizer. According to Pulsar Audio, it was used to master 90 percent of vinyl records between 1970 and 90s. But the w495 remains a popular studio instrument today. For a short time, you won’t have to pay a penny to get the plugin because Pulsar Audio is giving away the equalizer completely free until October 31, 2023!

According to the manufacturer, Pulsar Audio w495 is a very accurate emulation of the Neumann EQ equalizer of the same name and its special properties. Analog EQ is prized because it still sounds musical even at extreme settings—especially high boost. And this is what makes the w495 a good tool for shaping the sound of individual tracks or entire mixes.

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The Pulsar Audio w495 doesn’t stop at simply copying the original – instead there are a few modern additions. It all starts with the interface, which is not limited to a few knobs (like the hardware), but also offers a modern EQ curve editor, including a spectrum analyzer. This way you mix not only with your ears, but also with your eyes. This complements the plugin with a useful measurement display. The plugin also offers a mid/side mode, which is practical to keep the energy of the mix in the middle while making the sides a little more airy.

According to Pulsar Audio, the plugin reproduces the original and its components in detail. These include properties such as the partial saturation that occurs on tapes, the sound of the output transformers, or the ability of the equalizer to not sound too harsh or muddy even when heavily boosted.

You can find out more in the video below, as well as on the official website: Pulsar Audio.

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