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Sound Radix announces Auto-Align 2, an update to their renowned auto phase correction plugin

6 May , 2023

Auto-Align 2

Since its original release nearly thirteen years ago, the Auto-Align plug-in has grown into a trusted tool for sound engineers and producers. Now, with the release of Auto-Align 2, this modern classic has been given a radical makeover that promises to deliver better results.

Auto-Align 2 eliminates comb filters, minimizes transient blurring, and spectrally optimizes the phase of each microphone, delivering rich, crisp sound picked up by microphones. Auto-Align 2 greatly improves the alignment workflow by introducing a new spectral phase correction engine, an improved algorithm, and an intuitive user interface.

One-click workflow

Auto-Align 2 is a brand new workflow designed to revolutionize the way you work. With just one click, Auto-Align 2 can align all microphones in one pass, eliminating the need for manual routing and setup. This innovative feature is designed to save valuable time and ensure perfect audio timing and phase synchronization, which can result in improved clarity, size and stereo imaging.

Next Generation Algorithm

Based on Emmy-winning Auto-Align Post plug-in technology, Auto-Align 2 offers many new features, including spectral phase optimization and absolute phase optimization, aimed at improving the clarity, quality and sonic image of audio recordings. With a one-click workflow, Auto-Align 2 eliminates manual routing and setup, making multi-mic alignment quick and easy. Auto-Align 2 takes care of the technical aspects of audio alignment, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of mixing and producing.

Spectral Phase Optimization

The Spectral Phase Enhancement Auto-Align 2 feature corrects for phase shifts that can occur in certain frequency ranges, resulting in a more coherent and richer audio signal. When filters are used during recording, different phase shifts may occur in different frequency ranges, which can result in distorted and fuzzy sound. Spectral phase optimization automatically detects and corrects for these phase shifts.

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Absolute phase

Absolute phase optimization in Auto-Align 2 goes beyond simply aligning microphones in phase with each other. It also corrects the entire directionality of the sound so that the sound being played matches the original source. This means that sounds that were originally pushed forward are also played in the foreground through the speakers. Ensuring that the audio signal is in phase and true to the original. Absolute phase optimization improves the quality and clarity of the entire audio signal.

Price and availability

Sound Radix Auto Align 2 is available now for $199. The cost to upgrade from Auto-Align 1 to Auto-Align 2 is $99. Radical Bundle 3 owners are eligible to upgrade to Radical Bundle 4, including Auto-Align 2, at no additional cost.

Read more on the official website: Sound Radix.

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