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Acon Digital Remix: Real-time track group separation

19 September , 2023

Acon Digital Remix

Acon Digital Remix is a new plugin that specializes in real-time stem splitting. The plugin not only separates vocals and music, but also breaks the track into larger parts, while using technology based on artificial intelligence. This opens up a lot of possibilities for remixing and adds flexibility when doing mastering.

Splitting music into individual tracks is becoming increasingly technically feasible, and manufacturers are increasingly integrating this feature into their products. Splitting stems is not only interesting for DJs creating mashups or remixes, but also for everyday studio work.

Acon Digital Remix is a brand new plugin dedicated to this task. Remix creates up to five stems in real time, again using AI-based technology. To achieve this goal, the manufacturer is collaborating with HANCE, a leading company in the field of machine learning and digital signal processing.

The interface of Acon Digital Remix is a bit like a mixer, and in principle you will also find similar functions here. There are a total of 5 groups available that the user can influence: voice, piano, bass, drums and “other”. Tool detection sensitivity can be adjusted individually for each rod. This will give you the best balance between artifacts and crosstalk. By the way, all parameters can be automated.

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The plugin works as VST, VST3, AU and AAX on macOS (including support for Apple Silicon processors) and Windows. The manufacturer does not provide more detailed information about the required operating systems, but you can download a free demo version for testing. Price 49.90 euros.

More details in the video below, as well as on the official website: Acon Digital.

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