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5 ways to make money as a music producer

18 May , 2016

5 sposobov zarabotat dengi v kachestve muzykalnogo prodyusera

I have been a music producer for 13 years and have come to the conclusion that the fastest way to lose interest in the profession is the lack of money. This profession does not guarantee making money for every project and every idea. You will have to invest enough time and effort to receive your first cash. I have identified 5 main ways that you should pay attention to.

1. Selling Music

Sell your music through your website, or through popular services (like Soundcloud). Blogs and partner sites will really expand the circle of trust, and musicians interested in buying backing tracks / instrumentals will pay attention to you.

2. Edition

Subscribe to sites that regularly search for music for TV shows and movies. This way can bring you more popularity. You will draw attention to yourself, and thereby increase sales. Don’t forget the quality of your music. Directors are willing to pay good money for good music.

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3. Sell your own sound samples

Create a pack of your unique samples that can be used in certain styles. Design them with high quality and publish them on popular sites (do not forget to make some examples). Samples must be unique and respect copyright laws. For direct sales, it is desirable to have your own website, where you will regularly replenish sound packs and publish current news.

4. Music Services

You should be aware of all the new products and trends in the world of music. Subscribe to interesting sites and blogs. It is important to have access to all possible interested parties in the purchase, such as DJs, vocalists, sound engineers, etc. Offer your services, but don’t spam. It will ruin your image.

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5. YouTube

YouTube is the second most visited resource after Facebook. Upload your music there (not in full and not in the best quality). Find followers and get regular orders from all over the world. You can withdraw money from YouTube once a week (from $15 to $10,000).

There are also dozens of other ways to make money from music. If you have discovered something new that is not described here, and you want to know more about it, write in the comments. Thanks!

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