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The 6 most expensive hardware synthesizers in the world!

4 April , 2017

The 6 most expensive hardware synthesizers in the world

These six synthesizers are still being produced, and fall into the look, but don’t touch category. Even if your finances allow you to purchase them, now there are many new devices that can compete in sound and build quality.

If you are suggestible by nature, and assume that a good city cannot work without an expensive device, then buy. We cannot ban this for you. Here are the most expensive hardware synthesizers that are now produced.

1. Emerson Moog Modular System – $150,000

Emerson Moog Modular SystemThis is a synthesizer from the original Moog circuits manufactured at the Moog Music factory in Trumanesburg, New York in 1969. The creation took about three years, and was completed entirely by hand. As expected, the blocks function separately from each other and are connected commutatively by cords.

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3. Schmidt Eightvoice – $20,000

Schmidt Eightvoice

This is an analog eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer that connects via midi and has a USB port for convenient operation. The giant was released in Germany, as the name suggests. If we take a closer look at the possibilities, we can see:

  • eight-voice polyphony, with digital control and pre-installed memory
  • discrete sound circuit (not integrated generator, circuit filter on a single chip)
  • the ability to recreate the sound of the whole orchestra (by adjusting the sound, veche emphasis, routing for each voice, panorama and many other details)
  • Separate audio outputs for each voice, plus balance control and headphone output
  • 1028 presets
  • 256 multi (combined) presets
  • 61 full key
  • each preset is fully programmable (modulation wheel, flash drives, four expression pedals, etc.)
  • full implementation of midi through ports
  • large lcd
  • universal universal power supply
  • case, and a huge number of other advantages

4. Buchla Skylab – $13,999

The Skylab 200 is a module that delivers exceptional power and performance in a very compact form. It is neatly folded and placed in hand luggage, which can be transported with you (bag is included). Get to the place, unpack and you are ready to compose! In this video, SteveH performs synthesis on the Skylab 200 module:

5. Moog Model 15 – $10,000

Moog synthesizers dominate this list. A more affordable version (than Emerson Modular and System-55/35) is Model 15, which was made with the iPad app. But this should not stop you from considering this excellent device (especially if 10,000 dollars do not burn a hole in your budget).

It is a powerful, compact studio synthesizer designed for live control and transportation. The model focuses on speed, creativity, ease of work and vintage vintage patterns.

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6. Studio Electronics Omega 8 – $5,299

Studio Electronics Omega 8

Studio Electronics Omega 8 is an eight-way, multi-timbre stereo synthesizer. Of the advantages you can stand out:

  • Audio outputs: one main stereo and mono output, and one TRS output per voice
  • Audio Inputs: One Voice Input
  • Interface: 32 knobs, 1 encoder, 35 tactile switches, 24 LEDs
  • 16 * 2 backlit display
  • A memory that is more than enough to create the most difficult parties
  • Weight: 20 kg.

Synthesizers that we accidentally missed:

Holland SM2000 – $40,000

Holland SM2000

The Holland Synthesizer Model SM2000 is a modular monophonic synthesizer. This is a truly high-quality aerodynamic musical instrument designed for the most demanding musicians and producers. The system uses a bus that controls the voltage and audio signals of each module. However, all changes can be undone on the front panel.

Web site: Holland Synthesizer

Studio-110 Synthesizer System – $15,249

Studio-110 Synthesizer System

Studio-110 is the largest studio system from Synthesizers.com. Six oscillators are embedded in 22 horizontal and 44 vertical bands. The system includes a 24-x Q119 sequencer, plus two Moog-Style Q960 modules. The top line contains three oscillators with double filters. This unit is undoubtedly impressive and not only cost.

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