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Steven Slate Audio release VSX audio mixing system

6 October , 2020

Steven Slate Audio VSX

Steven Slate Audio VSX is a new mixing system that combines hardware and software. The product consists of headphones and a specialized program that simulates various studios, rooms, cars and other equipment.

The VSX headphone system allows you to create and mix music in accurate models of professional recording studios, mastering rooms, car stereos, nightclubs and other amazing places. With reference-quality sealed beryllium headphones incorporating patented Acoustic Ported Subsonics ™ (APS) technology, the user will hear faithfully recreated studio monitors and other speakers to control the mix.

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The VSX plug-in uses Steven Slate Audio’s binaural perception modeling (BPM) algorithms to faithfully reproduce the 3D sound of famous studios. “You will feel as if you are in the room mixing on real speakers. With the Level Match Bypass feature, you can compare your mix at the same level along with the VSX HD-Linear emulation that equalizes the bypassed signal, ”says one company representative.

VSX sells for $ 479, or $ 39 per month with a one-year subscription. You can learn more about all the features on the official website: Steven Slate Audio.

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