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Universal Audio Releases Hitsville EQ Plugin Collection

28 May , 2022

Universal Audio has announced that a new Hitsville EQ collection (along with v10.1 of their software) will be released this week for both Apollo users and UAD Spark subscribers. The collection contains emulations of the specially crafted EQs that shaped the legendary sound of Motown (the first record company founded in 1959) and are the only plug-ins officially licensed by Hitsville U.S.A.

The emulation includes a versatile graphic EQ, as well as an EQ section for processing mid and side frequencies. The entire electronic circuit of the original devices was modeled, including transformers, amplifiers, the interaction of equalizer bands and the internal distortion of an analog device. The plugin comes with a set of presets from Bob Olsson, Michael Brouwer and more.

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Along with the new plug-ins, UAD Software v10.1 also brings some updates for Mac users in the form of Retina graphics for the Studer A800 and Lexicon 224. The Hitsville Collection is available now for $299 as a UAD plug-in and is included with the UAD Spark subscription ( which costs $19.99 per month).

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