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Aston Microphones introduced Aston Stealth Microphone

24 December , 2018

According to the manufacturer, AstonStealth should be the first microphone in the world to automatically detect a connected 48V phantom power supply and automatically switch the microphone to active mode. The built-in high-end Class A microphone preamplifier eliminates the need for external components to enhance the level.

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The unique Sorbothane vibration absorption system, in which the microphone capsule is freely suspended and completely isolated from the microphone body, is an integral part of the microphone. Stealth is suitable for the stage, studio, broadcasters, voice acting of games, as well as for high-quality accumulation of vocals.

In Stealth, you have almost four professional microphones in one. These four configurations were developed using extensive double-blind testing using a panel (the Aston33Panel), which includes over 90 top-notch sound engineers and producers. Voice settings are not equalization filters, but contour networks. That is, most of the signal does not pass through the filter circuits. Instead, the entire signal is slightly reduced. Certain frequency ranges are then added to a higher level. This results in much lower phase distortion than conventional filter designs.

You can familiarize yourself with more details, as well as find a dealer for purchase, on the official website AstonMicrophones.

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