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Acustica Audio Jet: Hybrid 2 Band Dynamic EQ – Basic Version Free!

25 June , 2022


Acustica Audio has introduced Jet, a new plug-in that comes free (its basic version) and can be upgraded with two extensions. Acustica Audio Jet is a two-band dynamic equalizer that the manufacturer has developed for mixing projects. The plugin combines digital and analog concepts.

The plug-in’s hybrid approach means that the dynamic part of the plug-in is controlled by the algorithm, and the analog classics are emulated based on the impulse response. This is a smart method because the dynamic behavior is very precisely controlled and the tonal properties are based on the analog world. As in the case of Aero, the manufacturer relies on the concept of a free offer of two plug-ins – in the basic version, and with additional “volumes”, algorithms and emulations.

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The basic version offers three modes for the dynamic EQ section. This includes an “analog” EQ with four selectable frequencies for each of the two bands. This complements the free version with two algorithmic EQ models with selected frequencies for the bands. The signal flow always looks the same: first the static EQ section and then the dynamic section. Both sections offer left and right channel (L-R), middle (Mid) or side (Side) processing.

You can download for free on the official website: Acustica Audio.

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