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5 best sample packs for Drum and Bass from Loopmasters (2016)

18 December , 2016

5 luchshikh sempl-pakov dlya Drum and Bass ot Loopmasters

AREFYEV Studio recommends the 5 best Drum n Bass packs released by Loopmasters producers. If you write DnB music, check out the packages listed below. They are produced by famous and talented producers, including Icicle, DLR, Reso, June Miller and Laszlo Berta.

1. Icicle – Drum & Bass Tech

A large sample package that will meet all customer expectations. File size: 1.31GB. Quality: 24bit, 44100hz. Bundle: 46 Drum Loops, 46 Synth Loops, 40 Bass Loops, 27 Top Loops, 18 Percussion Loops, 123 Drum Hits, 20 Fx Hits, 16 Bass Hits, 15 Synth Hits, 5 Bass Multis, 5 Synth Multis, 178 Rex2 Files, 56 Soft Sampler Patches, 10 Kong Patches, 41 MIDI Files.

Details / buy: Icicle – Drum & Bass Tech

2. DLR – Specimen Y Drum & Bass

Labsamples is back with an all-new plaguey collection of sounds and loops. Here you will find quality loops and one shots for use in your production. Dlr takes responsibility for a huge number of releases on reputable Drum and Bass labels. File size: 1.31GB. Quality: 24bit, 44100hz. Bundle: 56 Bass Loops, 76 Drum Loops, 23 SFX Loops, 37 Percussion Loops, 57 Music and Atmos Pad Loops, 32 SFX Shots, 42 Drum Hits, 284 Rex2 Files, 17 Sampler patches.

Details / buy: DLR – Specimen Y Drum & Bass

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3. Reso – Drum & Bass Intelligence

Loopmasters is proud to present “Drum and Bass Intelligence” – an extraordinary collection of samples and loops from producer Reso, created exclusively for Loopmasters. The set includes both hard and soft sounds, to raise the temperature on the dance floor. File size: 1.17GB. Quality: 24bit, 44100hz. Bundle: 26 Drum Construction Kits, 108 Drum Loops, 27 Bass Loops, 21 Pad & Atmos Loops, 18 Synth Loops, 15 Perc Loops, 62 Drum Hits, 29 Bass Hits, 26 Fx, 15 Synth & Atmos Hits, 7 Risers, 222 Rex2 Files, 52 Soft Sampler patches, 5 Kong Patches.

Details / buy: Reso – Drum & Bass Intelligence

4. June Miller Presents Dark Complex Drum & Bass Vol 2

By popular demand, in June Miller returned to the Loopmasters to produce the second part of the Dark kit with fresh bass and cinematic atmospheric sounds. The result of the work deserves respect. These tools will be a great addition to your mixes! File size: 1.39GB. Quality: 24bit, 44100hz. Bundle: 48 Bass Loops, 92 Drum Loops, 7 Percussion Loops, 5 SFX Loops, 38 Music Loops, 5 Cinematic Mixes, 23 Bass Hits, 22 SFX Risers, 63 Drum Shots, 23 Atmospheric Synths, 204 Rex2 Files, 60 Soft Sampler Patches.

Details / buy: Dark Complex Drum & Bass Vol 2

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5. Neurofunk Bass Weapons – Vol 2

Neurofunk Bass Weapons 2 is a collection of ethical sounds for the production of Drum & Bass, Dubstep and similar styles! The first Neurofunk Bass Weapons 1 package from Laszlo Berta (Percy T.C.) was created exclusively for the site and received the best reviews. File size: 681GB. Quality: 24bit, 44100hz. Bundle: 54 Neuro Bass Loops, 23 Synth Loops, 10 Pad Loops, 132 Neuro Bass Hits, 33 Fx, 17 Synth Hits, 15 Pad Hits, 5 Atmos Hits, 100 Rex2 Files, 170 Soft Sampler Patches.

Details / buy: Neurofunk Bass Weapons – Vol 2

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