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6 best plug-ins for fixing phase problems (2022 update!)

17 May , 2019

6 luchshikh plaginov dlya ispravleniya fazovykh problem pri svedenii muzyki

Correcting phase problems may not be the most interesting task in producing and mixing music, but it can be easily solved with the help of plugins.

Phase problems that occur after capturing a signal from a single source (for example, from the upper and lower microphones recording a snare drum) can lead to poor readability of the mix as a whole. Although operations are best handled in the source, there are many plugins that can be used to fix details inside a DAW program. Here are six of our favorites:

1. UAD Little Labs IBP

UAD Little Labs IBP UA Universal AudioReliable software clone of the Little Labs hardware block. This is a simple but effective plug-in for Universal Audio UAD-2 platforms that allows you to adjust the time delay, eliminate unwanted sound by filtering when combining non-phase and partially non-phase audio signals. The plugin is fully authenticated by Little Labs, and is “creative”, allowing you to customize both phase and tonal color. The cost of the license is $ 99.

2. Sound Radix Auto Align

SoundRadix Auto-AlignThis is a convenient way to work in automatic mode. When recording instruments on more than one microphone, sound tends to reach the capture device at several different times, which leads to the fact that some frequencies cancel each other out, while others accumulate / layering unnaturally. This phenomenon is known as the comb-filter effect (in English). AUTO-ALIGN will analyze your recording and automatically compensate for the delay between the microphones with an accuracy of a sample, which will greatly improve the resulting sound. Price: $ 149.

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3. MeldaProduction MAutoAlign

This is the same automatic plugin as its predecessor. It is incredibly easy to use: put it on the channels, click the “analysis” button and the plugin will intelligently select timings for further tuning. By default, the instrument captures each track, and if necessary, inverts the polarity of some of them. No filtering is performed, which does not affect the nature of the source. Starting with version 11, MAutoAlign captures the phase for each frequency and compensates for phase differences caused by microphones and other recording equipment. Cost: 49 euros.

4. Eventide Precision Time Align

Eventide Precision Time AlignNeed to shift the signal synchronization to the minimum value? Eventide developers have returned with a highly functional plugin. Recording drums, electric guitars or vocals with more than one microphone can be challenging. Although the sound recorded from each microphone may sound good on its own, mixing it can lead to phase anomalies and low-frequency resonances. Eventide Precision Time Align allows you to shift the time by a tiny 1/64 part of the sample and is a much faster solution than moving the sound along the timeline in a DAW program.

5. Waves InPhase

Waves InPhaseWaves integrated phase correction plugin is available for purchase in both regular and batch versions. It is equipped with a detailed phase correlation meter, waveform display, balance gain knob and much more. This has long been familiar to everyone and, one might say, the basic device for experienced engineers.

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6. Voxengo PHA-979

PHA-979 is a professional plugin that allows you to arbitrarily shift to audio materials. By phase shift is meant the simultaneous shift of all frequencies in the active range of the signal by a predetermined value. This is achieved through linear phase design. Advanced features are also provided for advanced users.

New plugins to fix phase issues in 2022!

7. SSL Native X-Phase

SSL Native X-Phase

X-Phase offers frequency-specific phase adjustment, which is different from most phase equalization plugins. An all-pass filter is used, which allows the gain to remain constant throughout the signal.

It can also be used to create comb filters by applying filtered signals to an unfiltered version where a phase shift needs to be applied. With a modern user interface and standard design, it allows you to fix any phase problem, but every problem requires a bit of digging to fix. Price: $159 Free trial not available.

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8. FLUX Evo In


FLUX Evo In does not adjust the timing of any input audio, it simply adjusts the phase correlation. You can place this plugin on any number of tracks to have phase control over the entire track. You will have to determine the best phase yourself, which may take time.

In general, UX FLUX EVO In is self-explanatory. With one knob and its graphical controls taking up 75% of the interface, it becomes clear how to use the plugin. At the bottom of the interface is a strip for adding soft harmonic saturation. The aesthetic design of the FLUX Evo In may be the best on this list.

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