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Music as a business. Earnings on creativity.

20 March , 2018

Muzyka kak biznes. Zarabotok na tvorchestve

Let’s discuss music and entertainment education as it relates to you and your specific needs.

Many people invest in the idea of ​​considering formal education in order to get a diploma in a music business school or to participate in any industry-specific training through college courses. This commercial or business side of music in America, Canada, Europe and around the world comes from different ways of generating income and money for artists, services, companies, retailers, and venues. Money flows from one side to the other, covering the needs of some and giving knowledge to others. At some point in the life of every artist, producer, manager, composer or singer, the question “how much can I learn?” Arises.

The number of “crusts” does not make you a professional, and the training time must be individual and flexible in order to meet the requirements of a constantly changing market.

The music industry is rapidly becoming an area requiring the participation of many professions, as well as business structures. Alone in the field is no longer a warrior. Every person, especially in culture, must be represented, advertised, promoted … and it costs money. If you are just starting out, then you need to decide which element of the music business you want to connect your life with. Your specific career steps should be dictated by the method(s) used to get enough education. What for? – to avoid some of the tragic mistakes that many composers and artists make every day. Do not let lose everything on the way to achieve the goal.

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We know that many other professions, such as medicine, dentistry, law, social work and others, require discipline, research and many hours of training to prove their worth in this area. Some of the key professions in the music business, such as: producer, manager, publisher, organizer, engineer, recording studio, talent agent, DJ, music program director, live music performer, consultant, PR manager, coordinator, vocalist / backing vocalist, promoter, choreographer, business manager and other niche related professions also require knowledge and practice. In particular, professional specialists are always in demand and have a large store of knowledge behind them.

Does it make sense to return to university? There are alternative ways to get an education sufficient to secure a position in the industry. The criteria for determining the best course of action for you should not be based on what others have done or what a particular school has given. Many are gifted, and they have a passion for creativity. Nature itself hints at what man will do best. Is it worth going away from this?

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In music, there are various ways to generate money from (but are not limited to): creating, performing, recording, conducting and helping to record, selling minuses for sale, distribution, PR, promotion, marketing, publishing music, labels, licensing, talent management, authors of texts and many others. Equally, many companies, radio stations and television channels need good specialists.

Find the most comfortable niche for yourself and engage in its development!

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